TORX PLUS® Low Profile Head

The ideal choice for applications requiring screws & bolts with both high torque transfer capabilities and low head height.

torx plus low profile head
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The external hex drive allows high torque transmission, but can fail quickly due to weaknesses inherent in its design.

External TORX PLUS® low-profile head drive system is engineered to provide optimal torque transfer and extended tool life, with a head height similar to hex or pan head fasteners.


  • Hex flange head or pan head bearing surface
  • 0° drive angle
  • Lobe engagement spreads forces over large area to prevent stress risers that cause tool and fastener damage
  • Higher torque transfer capability than corresponding internal recesses
  • Drive system strength 5 to 6 times greater than normal seating torque
  • Head height is similar to hex or pan head screws or bolts
  • Lower head volume (weight) than hex and pan head fasteners (18% and 41% respectively)


  • Provides high strength and torque capability in a low-profile head
  • Ensures optimal torque transmission and clamp load
  • Allows high torque transfer without damage to fastener
  • Minimizes space required to accomodate head height
  • Excellent high-torque drive system for miniature fasteners
  • Reduces wear on drive tools for extended tool life

Design Guidelines

  • Fastener Sizes: M0.6 to M24 (#0000 to 1″)
  • Head Styles: Dome or indented head with hex flange or pan head bearing surface
  • Thread Styles: Can be used with any thread style
  • Note: Special sockets are required.