Fasteners for Technical Cleanliness






As pneumatic, hydraulic, and powertrain systems become more complex they also become more susceptible to failures resulting from particle contamination.  These failures can lead to excessive repair or replacement costs which are driving manufacturing companies to seek out solutions to help prevent harmful particles from entering the system. To support these efforts, Acument Global Technologies now offers our own unique classes of clean fasteners under the brand name TechniClean™



  • Innovative Acument TechniClean™ process designed to meet your cleanliness needs
  • Standard Acument TechniClean™ 600 and TechniClean™ 900 or Custom defined particle cleanliness service levels
  • Clean finish options include phosphate and zinc electroplate
  • Custom finish options can be evaluated upon request
  • Routine cleanliness inspections based on ISO 16232 standards



  • Helps minimize the risk of damage caused by particle contamination
  • Provides for a consistent and defined level of product cleanliness quality with or without finish options
  • Meets defined corrosion resistance and coefficient of friction requirements
  • Helps ensure a defined and low consistent level of harmful particles



•       Oil pumps •       Differential modules
•       Water pumps •       Power transfer units
•       Transmissions •       Brake systems
•       Turbochargers •       Transfer cases
•       Fuel systems •       Electric steering gears