PT® Thread-Forming Fasteners

Thread forming screws engineered to provide increased thread engagement in thermoplastic applications.

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With a high thread profile and recessed thread root, the PT® screw provides increased thread engagement with minimal stress on the boss. It provides optimal performance in a wide range of thermoplastics.


  • Narrow 30° thread profile
  • Optimum thread pitch
  • Round body
  • Recessed thread root


  • Provides maximum resistance to back-out and pull-out
  • Minimizes boss failure

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: K15 – K100 in diameter up to 127mm under head
  • Head Styles: Can be used with any head design
  • Specials: Shoulder screws, sems, double end studs, collar studs; others as required
  • Drive Systems: TORX PLUS® Drive is recommended to facilitate the proper amount of torque transfer required for forming threads. Other styles also available.