PlasTORX® Fasteners

Can be molded directly into plastic, replacing metal stamping and fastener assemblies. Engineered to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out.

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Developed to be molded into plastic and replace metal stamping and fastener assemblies, PlasTORX® studs are engineered to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out, ensuring a high-performance assembly. Its hex-lobular design helps reduce stress risers, so it can be used in materials susceptible to cracking or breaking.


  • Hex-lobular TORX® configuration
  • Flange on top of head
  • Threaded shank for nut member
  • Designed to be molded directly into component or carrier strips


  • Allows multiple fasteners to be installed at one time, increasing assembly efficiency
  • Provides maximum resistance to rotation and pull-out
  • Ideal for materials susceptible to cracking

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: M4 – M12 (#8 – 1/2″)
  • Lengths: Per customer design
  • Thread Styles: Machine screw; others as specified
  • Specials: Completed assemblies available