Self tapping screws engineered to minimize debris generation when tapping into conventional magnesium die-castings and other low-ductile materials.

Applied Solutions, Mag-Form® Success Story
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Standard thread-forming screws with a 60° flank angle create excess debris when driven into low-ductile materials. They can easily exceed the ductility limits of the material, causing damage to the formed threads.

Mag-Form® screws are specifically designed with a broader flank angle to eliminate tapping operations while forming strong threads in conventional magnesium die-castings and similar materials. The design also minimizes debris, making Mag-Form® fasteners the optimal solution for critical applications such as electronics and air bag modules.


  • Lobular Configuration
  • Wide-spaced thread design
  • Broad flank angle compresses, rather than roll-forms, threads into the mating material


  • Minimizes debris generation
  • Forms strong threads in low-ductile materials
  • Easily removed and reinserted for service in the field

Standard 60° Flank Angle
Thread-Forming Screws

May exceed ductility limit of the material,
causing damage to formed threads

Thread-Forming Screws

Compressive action forms strong
threads in low-ductile materials

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: MG1.0 to MG16
  • Thread Design: Wide-spaced thread with broad flank angle
  • Head Design: Can be used with any external or internal head designs
  • Drive System: Can be used with all systems, including the TORX PLUS® Drive System
  • Finish: Zinc and chromate to minimize galvanic corrosion