Strux® Fasteners

Clinch nuts and clinch studs that are easy to install and a more reliable alternative to other staked or welded fasteners.

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Our high-performance STRUX® fasteners offer a stronger and more reliable assembly alternative to traditional clinch studs and nuts. Along with stud and nut applications, the STRUX® design can be applied to joints that require self-tapping fasteners. In most cases, a STRUX® fastening solution will yield significant time and cost savings when compared to welded or other staked fasteners.


  • Displacement lobes
  • Retaining ring
  • Retaining groove


  • Resists rotation and push-out
  • Facilitates assembly of hard-to-reach components
  • Eliminates welding operations
  • Can be used on non-weldable materials
  • Can be installed using automated equipment

STRUX® Clinch Studs

  • Machine threads or others as specified
  • Available as double-end studs

STRUX® Clinch Nuts

  • Available with tapped or untapped hole

STRUXtite® Clinch Studs

  • Unhardened and untapped STRUX® clinch nut for use with a Taptite® fastener. The fastener roll-forms threads in the nut to create a work-hardened, reliable joint