Self-Sealing Threaded Plugs

Applied Solutions
Standard plugs, even used with sealing compounds and washers, are prone to spiral leaks. Magnaseal® Self-Sealing Plugs have two annular sealing rings that maintain a liquid tight seal even after repeated installation and removal. MagnaSeal® Self-Sealing Plugs have proven so effective that they eliminate the need for separate sealing washers or sealing compounds. The available thread forming feature eliminates the need for tapping operations and the dual sealing rings allow multiple removals and reinsertions.


  • Two integral annular sealing rings
  • HP-5 thread forming design
  • Torx Plug® Drive System


  • Eliminates spiral leakage
  • High pressure capability
  • Eliminates tapping operations
  • Eliminates sealing washers and compounds
  • High torque transfer capability
  • Fully field serviceable

magnaseal Specifications

  • Available in all standard metric sizes from M5 through M28

Industry Applications

  • Drain & Fill Plugs
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Oil Galleries
  • Cam Phasers
  • Access Holes

Holding the World Together
Leaks are a thing of the past. With its 360° full contact annular rings, 5 lobe tapping feature and Torx Plug® drive style, MagnaSeal® Self-Sealing Plugs are a high performance, serviceable and thread forming solution that can provide cost savings in both your assembly process and repair operations.