TORX PLUS® Drive System – Comparison to Other Drive Systems

Proven to outperform and outlast every other screw and bolt drive system available today.



  • Tool misalignment is almost certain, which damages the drive bit and limits its life
  • Not appropriate for automated assembly



  • Allows high torque transmission, but can fail quickly
  • 60° drive angle is inefficient


(includes Phillips, ACR®, Phillips II and Pozidriv®)

  • Driver will self-align, but is difficult to keep fully engaged
  • Excessive end-load requirements reduce bit life and can cause worker fatigue or injury

TORX® Drive

torx drive

  • Allows high torque transmission
  • 15° drive angle still permit a small amount of radial stress, which can reduce bit life


torx plus drive

  • Allows high torque transmission
  • Virtually eliminates camout
  • Reduces tool slippage and application damage
  • Reduces drive bit wear, extending tool life
  • Reduces fatigue and muscular stress during manual assembly

Comparison Chart

Drive System Benefits Slotted Hex Cruciform TORX Drive TORX PLUS Drive
Minimizes tool slippage x x x
Appropriate for automatic assembly x x x x
Maximizes tool engagement x
Drive angle na 60° na 15°
Broad contact surface x x
Minimal camout x x x
Minimal end load requirements x x x
High torsional strength x (external only) x x
Reduces radial stress x
Lengthens tool bit life x
Tooling readily available x x x x x