Acupoint® Anti-Cross Threading System

Acupoint® screws eliminate cross threading they locate the tapped hole to provide proper alignment allowing positive & rapid thread engagement on the assembly line

acupoint screws anti-cross threading system
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When a rotating fastener is misaligned with a tapped hole, a no-start condition or cross threading can occur. The Acupoint® screw was developed by Acument® Global Technologies to overcome both of these assembly problems. As the fastener is driven, the Acupoint feature locates the tapped hole and provides proper alignment to ensure positive thread engagement.


  • Truncated spherical point
  • Point length and diameter designed to avoid thread engagement in misaligned conditions
  • Compact design reduces overall length of fastener
  • Economical design, since point is roll-formed


  • Compensates for off-angle and off-center conditions
  • Resists cross-threading and no-start conditions
  • Reduces scrap, rework and in-place costs

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: M2.5 thru M12 #2, #5, #10, 1/4″
  • Thread Design: Machine screw; others as specified
  • Head Design: Can be used with all external head designs; also available in studs
  • Drive System: Can be used with all fastener drive systems, including TORX PLUS® Drive