Acument Global Technologies® Announces The Release of TechniClean™, Their New Class of Clean Fasteners

Acument Global Technologies, a Fontana Gruppo company, has introduced a new class of clean fasteners under the brand name TechniClean™. TechniClean™ fasteners are manufactured with Acument Global Technologies industry-leading processes and fastener finishes designed to help provide and ensure cleanliness levels superior to that of conventional fasteners.

Acument has developed TechniClean™ classes 600 and 900 to meet standard industry cleanliness requirements. Each of these classes is specifically designed to meet requirements for largest allowable particle sizes and is compliant with ISO 16232 inspection procedures that are recognized throughout the automotive, transportation, and heavy equipment industries. Other design or finish requirements may also be met with the TechniClean™ Custom class. To schedule a design review to determine your cleanliness requirement needs, please contact an Acument Global Technologies Application Engineer or Account Manager.

Acument showcased the standards for TechniClean™ during the Parts Cleaning Expo at the Precision Machining and Technology Show in Columbus, Ohio on April 25-27.

Acument’s supervisor of Product Development Engineering, Ben Lang, also gave a technical presentation at the Parts Cleaning Expo on why suppliers should use your cleanliness inspection procedure.

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