Master-Licensing Program

A new program offered by Acument’s Intellectual Property & Licensing Department is the Master-Licensing Program. This program provides a marketplace for companies to exploit their patented products, as they are included with Acument’s licensed product offerings. Your company benefits also by utilizing Acument’s experienced licensing resources. World recognized licensed products such as TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems are listed next to your patented product for maximum exposure!

The path for your patented product becoming associated with our program is simple. If your company has a patented product but does not have the time, the resources, or the knowledge to license the product, Acument can evaluate doing it for you. Once both parties have reached an agreement, Acument will then assume all of the activities/responsibilities associated with licensing the product.

Our Master-Licensing program is not available to every company with a patented product. We are seeking partners with patented technology ready to release worldwide; partners who want to commercialize their ideas to the fullest and maximize the returns on their intangible assets; and, partners who want to establish a global brand image.

If your company has an interest in our Master-Licensing Program, send an e-mail to, with the subject line “Master-Licensing Program”, and include contact information. A brief description of your product is also required for evaluation purposes.

Current Master-Licensed Products:

ClearDrive® Recess from ITW Shakeproof


  • Eliminates filled recess quality problems associated with dip spin (organic coatings)
  • Replace more expensive electroplated coatings with less expensive dip spin coatings
  • Equivalent mechanical performance
  • Uses industry standard drivers

Ttap® feature from Ttapdrive AS


  • Conical pilot point and hole design of the ttap feature allows the fastener to stick to the bit
  • Drive bits will not wobble
  • One-hand operation made possible
  • No drive tool end load
  • Increased drive tool life

Rivtex® by Nedschroef Schrozberg


  • Engineered for optimal performance in high strength steel sheets and thin aluminium sheets
  • Can be installed in-die, unlike welding operations
  • Clinch studs, clinch nuts and pierce-clinch nuts available
  • Provides high resistance to rotation and push-out
  • Can replace welding operations and be used with materials that can not be welded
  • Can speed the assembly process