TORX PLUS® MAXX Drive System

TORX PLUS® Maxx Stems allow the highest level of torque delivery that can be placed on the end of a fastener or ball stud versus previous design methods. Assembly speed, downtime, worker comfort, scrap and rework are all improved while attaining the tightest joints possible for an improved product.

TP Maxx [354 KB]


• Allows a threaded part to be held by TORX PLUS® Maxx Stem end while the nut is rotated

• Engineered high-torque solution to holding a stud or ball stud in place as the nut is tightened

• Drive lobes that extend into the threaded portion of the fastener point and fully engages drive socket


• Extremely high level of torque delivery in a small envelope

• Can be used to adjust ball studs in steering mechanisms

• Quick installation using TORX PLUS® Maxx Drive Tools

• Traditional seating torques can be attained on standard products