TORX PLUS® Drive System

Gage Sales

Sales of authentic TORX PLUS® drive gages are sold exclusively through Acument’s Licensing Department located in Belvidere, Illinois.  Manufacturing gages are sold to Acument licensees only.

Acument sells the gages and has strict rules on their availability to ensure:

  • the TORX PLUS® drive trademark quality control program is properly utilized
  • the certified gages are used in manufacturing TORX PLUS® drive product by trademark licensees
  • all receiving inspection is uniformly controlled resulting in the high performance of the TORX PLUS®Drive System.  To control this,  the following gage policy is in effect:
    • All TORX PLUS® drive gage manufacturing, certification and sales will be processed solely through the Acument Licensing Group
    • End Users of TORX PLUS® drive product who requires receiving inspection gaging can purchase the proper user gages from the TORX PLUS® drive licensee that manufactured the licensed product for them

For licensees to purchase confidential, authentic TORX PLUS® drive manufacturing gages, contact:

Cheri Johns
815-544-7563 (fax)