TORX PLUS® Drive System

Proven to outperform and outlast every other drive system available today.

torx plus drive system
torx plus drive system

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Proven to outperform every other drive system available, the TORX PLUS® Drive System maximizes engagement between driver and fastener.

  • Larger cross section at the lobes
  • Fully compatible with existing TORX® Drive tools
  • 50% reduction in drive tool tolerance
  • 25% average improvement in driver bit torsional strength
  • Engineered elliptical geometric configuration
  • Can be used with fastener diameters from M0.9 to M24 (#000 to 1″)
  • True 0 degree drive angle to eliminate radial forces


  • Drive bits can last up to 12 times longer than other designs
  • Reduces assembly line downtime; improves reliability
  • Improved fit between tool and fastener recess
  • Higher torque transfer capability
  • Reduces camout and end load
  • Reduces worker fatigue