TORX® Paralobe® Drive System

Gage Recertification

As a service to our TORX® Paralobe™ Drive System Licensees, and users of genuine TORX® Paralobe™ drive products, Acument® re-certifies TORX® Paralobe™ gages free of charge. We offer this service to help uphold the integrity of the TORX® Paralobe™ Drive System.

Acument will also pay for the cost of returning the gages to the licensee or user. However, we do not pay the cost of shipping the gages to us. We ask that you pay for the shipping cost and any other charges such as duty, taxes, or brokerage fees, when shipping gages to us for re-certification. If your gages are not shipped prepaid, or if there are other fees such as duty, we will in turn bill you for these charges.

For licensees outside the USA, please state on the paperwork, “US goods returning for re-certification”. This statement should eliminate duty charges.

Gages are inspected and returned to you in 5 -10 working days, depending on our lab’s workload. We re-certify over 2,000 gages per calendar year in our A2LA accredited Lab. For dial indicator TORX® Paralobe™ drive gages, we certify only the TORX® Paralobe™ drive elements. The dials are not re-certified by Acument. Gage elements either are measured or checked using master gages. If gages are out-of-specification, details are sent back with the gages indicating what is wrong and whether or not the gage needs to be replaced.

Oftentimes, a gage element merely needs to be faced off to bring it back into specification (this facing operation is the gage owner’s responsibility). Once they are faced off, they should be sent back for re-certification. The steps we take in both certifying and re-certifying TORX® Paralobe™ drive gages ensures uniform consistency of the gages and assures there is documented control of the product that will be inspected using these gages.

We suggest you make sure your TORX® Paralobe™ drive gages are on a re-certification schedule. Re-certifying gages once a year is recommended. However, the usage a gage gets will typically dictate the calibrations period cycle.