Licensed Products

Acument Global Technologies (Acument) offers established experience in engineering, logistics and assembly to optimize your operations. Acument works closely with major manufacturers in a number of industries, allowing customers to focus on their core competencies while Acument manages their fastening and assembly requirements.

Acument has three types of licenses available for purchase: fastener, heading tools and drive tools.

TORX PLUS Drive System TORX PLUS® Drive System: Proven to outperform every other drive system available, the TORX PLUS® Drive System maximizes engagement between driver and fastener.
TORX Drive System TORX® Drive System: The TORX® Drive was developed to overcome the limitations of hex, Phillips, square, and other drive systems.
Strux Fasteners Strux® Fasteners: Our high performance Strux® fasteners offer a stronger and more reliable assembly alternative to traditional clinch studs and nuts.
Mag-Form Fasteners Mag-Form® Fasteners: Mag-Form® fasteners’ unique combination of features can minimize debris generation and improve assembly.
Acupoint Fasteners Acupoint® Fasteners: The Acupoint® anti cross-threading feature provides for rapid thread engagement and greatly reduces cross threading.