The benefits of being an Acument Global Technologies’ licensee are many as Acument’s technology, expertise, and the use of globally recognized trademarks are all part of the agreement. Our licensees also use gaging supplied exclusively through Acument so the quality of the authentic TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems is consistent, no matter where in the world the product is manufactured.

What are other benefits to be an Acument licensee?

  • Exclusive access to technology training seminars
  • Exclusive access to confidential product specifications
  • Exclusive access to world-class quality manufacturing tooling
  • Exclusive availability of manufacturing trouble-shooting
  • Exclusive use of Acument application engineering expertise
  • Exclusive free re-certification of gaging
  • Product graphics for marketing purposes
  • Use of Acument design software
  • Opportunity to network with other licensees within the program
  • Opportunity to attend our bi-annual TORX® Congress meeting

When does Acument grant a license and how?

Acument does not allow just anyone to become a licensee. Interested parties must go through a complete screening to assure that it meets the requirements needed to make top-quality products. Our licensing review board reviews information the interested party has sent to us in a pre-license evaluation questionnaire.

In addition to the information evaluation, the board also looks at two other items:

  • Does the market demand additional sources?; and
  • Does Acument believe it presents opportunities to enable market growth?

Once the evaluation has been performed, the party will be notified, either way. If approved, the party will pay the one-time upfront fee for the license and the technical standards manuals and other needed product items will be distributed at that time.

After becoming a licensee

Once your company has become an Acument licensee, the Acument Licensing Department places great emphasis on maintaining a close relationship with contacts within the organization. We regularly meet with licensees at their facility, by Regional Licensee Conferences, and our bi-annual Congress. At Congress, we invite our licensees from around the world to come to this event, have the opportunity to network, and attend presentations on topics relevant to the licensing program. The Congress is held in different regions of the world.

If your company is interested in purchasing an Acument license for TORX® Drive, TORX PLUS® Drive, Mag-Form® Fasteners, Strux® Studs, Acupoint® Fasteners, or Ttap® feature, please contact the regional manager below:

Americas: Jim Wayman
Europe: Robert Kupczyk
Japan, South Korea, Thailand: Shige Takahashi
China, Taiwan, India, Southeast Asia: Greg Choi