Become a Licensee

Would your company be interested in becoming a member of a select group of worldwide manufacturers producing internationally recognized Acument Global Technology products? If your answer is yes, we are just an e-mail away!

Acument has three types of licenses available for OEM’s to purchase: fasteners, heading tools, and drive tools. Our most popular and most recognized products are the TORX® and TORX PLUS® Drive systems licenses. Other licenses include Strux® Studs and Nuts, Mag-Form® Fasteners, and the ttap® feature.

To inquire about the purchasing of any of the licenses, contact your regional representative:

Americas: Jim Wayman
Europe: Robert Kupczyk
Japan, South Korea, and Thailand: Shige Takahashi
China, Taiwan, India, and Southeast Asia: Greg Choi

After receiving your initial e-mail stating you are interested in a particular license, we will ask for information on your company for pre-qualifying purposes. After this contact, if determining your company is a candidate for a license, an application requesting additional information is sent to you. Once completed, your application is reviewed by our licensing committee to make a decision whether or not to extend an offer for purchase of the license.

Many industries demand authentic TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems…not imitations! Contact us if your company wants the partnership of a worldwide organization, the manufacturing knowledge of worldwide-recognized products, the instant expansion of your product line with the usage of the famous trademarks of TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems, and the use of our web-based fastening design program, FASTCALC II. Become a partner today!

TORX® Licensee Literature

ttap® is registered trademark of Infast AS Limited Company Norway