Brands Available from Acument

camrail Camrail®A freight car bolt that is a highly reliable, easily installed replacement for rivets and bolts on side bearing assemblies working on North America’s railroads.
delta pt Delta PT®A thread forming screw, engineered to created optimal material flow during installation, provides maximum performance in a wide range of thermoplastics.
duro pt Duro PT®A thread cutting screw engineered to provide maximum assembly performance in a wide range of thermoset plastics.
fastite 2000 Fastite 2000®Thread forming screws and bolts designed to deliver optimum joint performance in sheet metal as think as .7mm.
magform Mag-Form®A self tapping screw engineered to minimize debris generation when tapping into magnesium die-castings and other low-ductile materials.
maggcert MaggCert®A thread forming insert for magnesium automotive components that allow machine screws to be removed and reinstalled for servicing.
magnaseal MagnaSeal®Self-sealing plugs that eliminate the need for separate sealing washers or sealing compounds and eliminates spiral leakage.
plastite Plastite®Thread forming screws combining a unique tri-lobular body with a 45° or 48° thread profile to maximize performance in softer thermoplastics.
plastorx PlasTORX®Studs developed to be molded into plastic and replace metal stamping and fastener assemblies provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out.
remform screws Remform®An asymmetrical thread forming screw which minimizes radial hoop stress to reduce boss bursting in a wide range of plastics.
strux Strux®Clinch nuts and clinch studs that facilitate the assembly of hard to reach components and resists push-out in steel and aluminum sheet applications.
taptite Taptite®Thread rolling fasteners with a unique tri-lobular configuration, form internal threads into plain holes providing a built-in locking device to help ensure joint integrity in ductile materials.
torx TORX®/TORX PLUS®Screw and bolt drive system with a 0° drive angle proven to outperform and outlast every other drive system available today.
z-form Z-Form®A shoulder bolt with a pre-assembled deformable sleeve which completely eliminates clearance between the bolt and the through hole in the clamped component.

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