Designed for strength under fire

Acument Global Technologies is capable of supplying a wide range of value-adding fastening solutions for the toughest defense applications. On land, sea, or in the air, our fasteners will deliver dependable performance in the most challenging environments and under harsh battlefield conditions. Applications include tactical and attack fixed-wing and rotorcraft, wheeled and tracked tactical and transport vehicles, missile and weapons systems, and situational surveillance and battlefield communications systems. Acument solutions are quality and performance tested to meet customers’ exacting fastening requirements to an array of surface and foundational materials. All from a trusted industry source of fastening technology with an engineering legacy more than 60 years in the making.


World-Class Quality

  • All Plants ISO/TS Certified
  • Laboratory & Test Facilities ISO 17025 Compliant & Accredited
  • DFARS & ROHS Compliant; Serving Open Access Specs (MS, MIL, etc) and Controlled Specs (NAS, etc)
  • Qualified Suppliers List Manufacturer (QSLM) CL2A (Land & Marine): Sterling Heights Operations (5TNA9), Baldwin Road Operations (5TFK6), North Holly Operations (5TPF4), Belvidere Operations (5PR00), Rochester Operations (5DCP4), and Spencer Operations (5TJE0)
  • Qualified Suppliers List Distributor (QSLD) CL2A: Holly Distribution Center (5TPF3)
  • QSLM CL3A (Aerospace): Saturn Fasteners (0K6Z0)